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An entry timed at 07:35 on Prickle-Prickle Konfusion 53rd, YooyLoD. [Today] is [my] birthday.

A link to the developing introduction to my thesis.

organizer: Eris Psychedelia Diskordia,

caved and joined instagram and revived my twitter account

event: End of sprint for our young lady of Diskord's first SKRUM

Geachte heren, dames, andere wezens,
Aanstaande zaterdag, tussen de uren van 17:00 en 22:00, wordt een evangelisatiebijeenkomst gehouden voor het Diskordianistische genootschap Ilinx, gevestigd in de Tempel van Ilinx, Millinxbuurt Rotterdam. Deze webpagina wordt een spiegel van het draaiboek.

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as part of my studies of the ludic structures of society, I am carving out a niche that is outside the everyday hubbub about already existent discursive frameworks like states, religions, ideologies and yes: even philosophies - that are current in the >>environment<<. The goal is to gain a space and time on the "outside" of everyday thinking, in order to properly grasp its meaning, reflect on any elements that offer room for improvement, and construct a theory of action adequate to the situation. To this end, I am consacrating a magic circle, drawing upon my DisKorDian faith. By the way, You Too May Already Be a Pope! Read the Principia here, mirror of your pope card here.

behold: the shrine at the Temple of IlInx, Millinxbuurt Rotterdam (the Netherlands, planet Earth).

playing worm june 22nd, 23rd, 24th

there is an important practical component to my explorations of ludic ecosophy, currently expressing itself as a game played over the last three evenings or so at [WORM] [-= @: corner Boomgaardstraat and Witte de Withstraat =-]

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a thesis

2020 - 06 - 14

Here's my main project for the next year: thinking ludic ecosophy as a hermeneutic, critical and practical instrument in bringing about personal, social and ideological change. Does that sound like a word salad to you? Just wait until you read the finished work! Joke(s) aside, if you want to know what this means in a practical sense, hit me up because I cherish every opportunity to translate my vague philosophical ponderings into something intelectually digestible.

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so Jan, what's the big fucking deal?

2020 - 06 - 04

Something happened, and now it's time to redesign my life again. Don't worry - I'm not starting completely from scratch. Goddess knows to what little success I've tried that before. Here's a list of stuff that might be different about me now:

watch this space

some time late may 2020

content forthcoming ~ ~ 2 weeks

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